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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the stay at home directive from Governor Hogan, we have temporarily suspended all requests for Letters of Compliance and covenant violation inspections and will not accept new Exterior Alteration Applications until further notice. Each process requires an on-site visit by our Covenant Advisors and office research. We will not be able to complete any process thoroughly without on-site visits. Our covenant advisors are available to answer any questions you have and look forward to working with you during these uncertain times. Please contact Carrie Wenholz (LOC and Applications) and/or Karina Caico (property violations) for assistance.

Applications@oaklandmills.org for questions related to Letters of Compliance and Exterior Alteration Applications

Propertyconcerns@oaklandmills.org for questions related to Property Concerns/Violations

Please email manager@oaklandmills.org to arrange for obtaining a resale packet.


When property is purchased in the state of Maryland, it is required that sellers disclose any and all information they have regarding the property, including the fact that Columbia, and the village of Oakland Mills, are covenant protected communities. This information is most fully disclosed when the Oakland Mills and Columbia Association resale documents are purchased by the seller, and provided to the buyer along with a letter of compliance.

The resale documents are provided by the Oakland Mills Community Association and the Columbia Association and may be purchased from the village for a total cost of $20.00.

If you are selling property in Columbia, in addition to purchasing and providing these documents for settlement, please request a Letter of Compliance. This letter provides written documentation from the Village of Oakland Mills that your property is free of covenant violations. If violations exist, a letter will be sent to the owner stating what needs to be done to bring the property into compliance. A request form is available at our office or you can download it here.  If you are purchasing property in Columbia, we suggest that you ask the seller to provide you with a letter of compliance. Uncorrected violations become the responsibility of the buyer when they purchase the property.

A copy of the Oakland Mills Architectural Guidelines is provided to sellers at no additional cost as part of the resale packet. The guidelines help residents to better understand the covenants by providing information on seeking architectural approval for changes to their properties. Additional free copies of the guidelines are always available at the village office, or can be viewed and printed here.

If you have questions about the information given here, the covenants, guidelines, or the Oakland Mills Community Association, please contact Carrie Wenholz, Covenant Advisor – Applications at applications@oaklandmills.org.

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