Pedestrian and Bike Bridge Closure

UPDATE TO BRIDGE CLOSURE: Visit the Baltimore Sun’s article on the bridge closure for updated information.

US 29 Bridge Closure Updates, New Bridge Construction To Begin The First Week In September, 2017  

The project to renovate and improve the bicycle and pedestrian bridge over US 29 is quickly approaching! Howard County expects to close the bridge during the first week of September, and construction will start immediately afterwards.

The improvement project will replace the current “cage” with a spiraling geodesic tube, upgrade the lighting on the bridge, and install fiber to provide police with clearer images from the security cameras on the bridge. Unfortunately, the project will require the bridge to be closed for approximately three months.

If your essential travel will be disrupted by the bridge closure, please contact the Office of Transportation at (410) 313-4312 or by emailing transportation@howardcountymd.gov. Howard County will offer free bus passes valid for travel between Oakland Mills and Downtown Columbia while the bridge is closed.  If you commute across the bridge when the bus does not run, please call the Office of Transportation at (410) 313-4312 to learn about available assistance. Please encourage family, friends, neighbors, and others who may be affected by the bridge closure to visit  www.howardcountymd.gov/US29Bridge to learn about the project, or contact the Office of Transportation if their essential travel will be disrupted by the bridge closure.

Attached below are schedules for the RTA 407/Brown and 408/Gold bus routes, which provide service between Oakland Mills and Downtown Columbia. These schedules are subject to change. Any new schedules will be sent as soon as they are available.

Also attached are a map and cue sheets for the alternate bike route between these two areas, and a flyer about the closure that you’re encouraged to post in community areas and share with family, friends, neighbors, and others. For an interactive map showing the bridge closure and the alternate bike route, click here.

The project website, www.howardcountymd.gov/US29Bridge, is the best place to stay up to date with the bridge closure and transportation alternatives. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Office of Transportation at (410) 313-4312 or email transportation@howardcountymd.gov

Bridge Closure Flyer
Bridge Closure Cue Sheet
RTA 407 Brown Schedule Aug. 2017

RTA 408 Gold Schedule_Aug. 2017




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