March 15, 2021

The Other Barn remains closed due to Covid-19. Oakland Mills Community Association employees continue to work remotely. We are booking appointments for tours of The Other Barn and will also make appointments to meet with residents upon request. It is our sincere hope to transition back to The Other Barn in the next few months. Please refer to the list below to contact us:

Village Manager, Sandy Cederbaum

Manages day-to-day operations and financial matters, liaison to the Oakland Mills Board of Directors. Contact the village manager for all community/county-related issues and basically any questions you have!

Facility and Event Coordinator, Brigitta Warren

Handles all rental contracts and related questions, village events/programs and related issues, and all questions related to renting The Other Barn.

Covenant Advisor for Applications – Sandy Cederbaum, temporary Covenant Advisor for Applications

Handles Exterior Alteration Application questions, Letter of Compliance requests, and related information.

Covenant Advisor for Property Concerns, Karina Caico

Addresses property violation-related issues and property covenant complaints.

Oakland Mills Board of Directors HERE.

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