Things to Know and Do When Submitting An Application To The Architectural Committee

  • Read the Oakland Mills guidelines which pertain to your application. You can contact the covenant advisor if you don’t understand something at any time in the process, and before you submit your application if you wish. Guidelines are available on our website or at the village office. (see below)
  • Include a plat or location survey for any alteration which will change the “footprint” of your house or lot. NEW doors, windows, siding, painting, etc., do not require a location survey.
  • Include an elevation/scale drawing and/or pictures of the alteration from ALL viewable sides. Please be sure to include dimensions, materials and colors that will be used. Samples and brochures may be submitted and are always welcome. Avoid requesting a color change without a sample. ANY change in color requires an application.
  • In the case of siding, please submit a drawing of your house if you are changing the direction/orientation; that is, from vertical to horizontal, etc. Please note if you are not changing color, direction, or material, no application is needed.
  • If the alteration will be made of wood or similar material, such as composite, specify the type and color, and if it will be left natural or painted, as with a deck, privacy fence, or porch.
  • When submitting an In-Home business application, please assure that all questions have been answered, and attach any additional information you would like the committee to have.
  • It is not necessary to provide licensing or inspection information for construction or in home businesses that require it. Approval of any application by the architecture committee does not authorize violation of any provisions of the Howard County building, zoning, or licensing codes.
  • Please be aware that once an application is submitted, it must be reviewed within 60 days. Applications received by the deadline day will generally be reviewed in 16 days. An incomplete application may cause delays or result in a denial of your application. If more information is requested, please provide it promptly.
  • While not mandatory, it is ALWAYS recommended that residents attend the meeting in which their review will occur, especially with new construction or In Home Business applications. Questions can be answered, enhancing the approval process. Meetings are now virtual (link posted on the oaklandmills.org homepage three days prior to the meeting) and begin at 7:00 p.m. with sign-in beginning at 6:30 p.m. Residents will be heard in the order in which they sign in.
  • Remember that alterations and businesses which require an application should never be undertaken without architectural approval. Owners who begin work or commence in home businesses without approval are doing so at their own risk, are in violation of the covenants, and face possible removal of their alteration or business at their own expense, pursuant to the Oakland Mills Covenants.
  • If you are not sure if you need an application or have any other questions, please email the covenant advisor for applications at applications@oaklandmills.org. Email is preferred due to a hybrid schedule, but if needed, please call 410-730-4610.
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