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The agenda for the next meeting as well as the latest approved OMCA Board minutes available for you to read at The Other Barn. If you have questions please contact Sandy Cederbaum, Village Manager or any Board member.

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OMCA Board of Directors meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at The Other Barn.

February 14, 2017 OMCA Board Meeting Minutes

February 14, 2017 OMCA Board Meeting Attachments

March 28, 2017 OMCA Board Meeting Agenda







































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Minutes - February 14, 2017

February 14, 2017


OMCA Regular BoD Meeting


Mr. McCormack called the regular meeting of the OMCA Board of Directors to order at 7:06 pm.


Present: Ginny Thomas, Co-Chair; Bill McCormack, Co-Chair; Kay Wisniewski, AC Chair; Lynn Engelke; Paul Verchinski; Sandy Cederbaum, Village Manager; Brigitta Warren, Event & Administrative Coordinator


Also Present: Gerry Witte, Chair, Public Space Advisory Committee; Phil Engelke, OM Resident; John DiTomasso, OMCA Education Committee, Co-Chair; See resident list.


Absent: Jonathan Edelson, Vice Chair; Judy Gottsagen; Reginald Avery, CA Rep


Opening of Meeting 


  • Ms. Wisniewski motioned to accept the February 14, 2017 agenda (ATTACHMENT “A”). Mr. Verchinski seconded.  Ms. Thomas motioned to amend the agenda to include “Administrative Procedure” under New Business after the “Discussion to establish a Design Advisory Committee.”  Mr. Verchinski seconded the motion and the amended agenda was passed (5-0-0).
  • Mr. Verchinski motioned to accept the January 24, 2017 OMCA Board meeting minutes (ATTACHMENT “B”). Ms. Wisniewski seconded and the motion passed (5-0-0).


  • Mr. McCormack announced the closed meeting that was held on February 13, 2017 to discuss matter pertaining to employees and personnel. All eight OMCA Board members were present.


Resident Speakout


  • Resident Tim Shaver was present to introduce himself as a new resident of Oakland Mills. He was interested in finding out more about the speed hump process due to the speeding on Kilimanjaro Road.  Thomas requested that Mr. Shaver work with his neighbors, Oakland Mills and Howard County to look at traffic calming issues for Kilimanjaro.  All OMCA Board members were in agreement.


Old Business

Final Draft Employment Handbook


  • Ms. Thomas thanked Ms. Cederbaum for her overall work on the handbook. She mentioned two additional items in the handbook she would like changed.
  • Mr. McCormack presented a list of several items that he would like reviewed in the proposed handbook. Ms. Cederbaum responded to his recommendations.  He requested that the OMCA Board revisit and develop policies relating to the issues he presented.
  • Ms. Wisniewski stated the OMCA Board can work on these policies, but it should not hold up the passage of the proposed employee handbook.
  • Ms. Thomas motioned to approve the employee handbook with requested amendments. Ms. Wisniewski seconded and the motion passed (5-0-0).


New Business

Public Space Advisory Committee Update


  • Gerry Witte was present to give an update from the Public Space Advisory Committee (ATTACHMEMNT “C”).
  • He stated it is very important for residents to continue to report open space issues. They can report it by sending an email to space@columbiaassociation.org or at Seeclickfix.com.  Ms. Cederbaum stated that OMCA will publicize Public Space Advisory Committee meetings.


Discussion to establish a Design Advisory Committee


  • Resident Phil Engelke was present to discuss a more overall way to take all the possible covenant issues and utilize the committees already in place in Oakland Mills, (RAC, PSAC, NEAC, etc.), to acknowledge the issues and work on fixing them. Rather than create another committee, it might be better to determine areas of concern, create a task list and then have the various individuals each take a few of the tasks and work to address them.
  • Ms. Thomas suggested making this an intergenerational approach, utilizing some of the local groups in the area.
  • Ms. Cederbaum stated it would be an evolving list of tasks.
  • Ms. Engelke suggested keeping it flexible and to prioritize the list once tasks are identified.
  • Mr. McCormack suggested Mr. Engelke and Mr. Witte get together and move this approach forward. He also thanked Mr. Witte for his work and his update.


Administrative Procedure


  • A discussion took place over the possibility of hiring a lawyer to deal with a current issue as well as to review the Oakland Mills Articles of Incorporation and the Oakland Mills By-Laws.
  • Mr. Verchinski suggested the discussion be moved to a closed session. The OMCA Board agreed to move the discussion to a closed session at the completion of tonight’s regular meeting.


Manager’s Report


  • Ms. Cederbaum distributed her report (ATTACHMENT “D”).
  • Ms. Cederbaum stated that Nancy Thompson, Principal of Talbott Springs ES, contacted her today to ask if the Board could draft a letter to the Howard County Planning Board in support of a new school facility or a renovation of the current facility being included in the upcoming capital budget.
  • Ms. Thomas motioned to have Ms. Cederbaum draft a letter to the Planning Board in support of the inclusion in the upcoming capital budget for a new school facility or a complete renovation of the current school facility. Ms. Wisniewski seconded and the motion passed (5-0-0).
  • Ms. Cederbaum stated that there was a Farewell Road Traffic Calming meeting held on February 13, 2017 with about 12 people in attendance. Jon DiTomasso was present to give an update and stated that he is hoping the roundabout on Stevens Forest Road and Farewell Road will be included in the County Executive’s budget.  Ms. Thomas suggested that Mr. DiTomasso and Carol Brain contact the County Executive to ensure the roundabout is included in his proposed capital budget.
  • Ms. Thomas asked for an update regarding Howard Hughes. Ms. Cederbaum stated she had been in contact with Nancy Tucker and continues to stay in touch with her.  Ms. Thomas stated that she is mostly concerned with ensuring Oakland Mills has sufficient representation on the committee.


Co-Chair Remarks


  • Ms. Thomas stated she has been in contact with Howard County regarding a date for the feasibility study consultants to give the final report on the feasibility study. The dates suggested were March 8th or March 22nd.  She also stated that most importantly she is hoping to receive the final report from the consultants before the meeting on the 8th or the 22nd so the residents have time to receive, review and comment.  More information will be following.


Committee Reports

Arts Advisory


  • Mr. Verchinski announced he had attended the grand reopening of the Oakland Mills Interfaith Center.
  • He announced that 166 responses have been received from the Art Mural Survey. He asked that the results be sent to the OMCA Board 5 days before the February 28th Board meeting.
  • Mr. Verchinski attended the seminar that Jon Toner held at The Other Barn.
  • Mr. Verchinski stated that the OMCA Board needs to decide very soon where they would like the Bikeshare station to be located. A discussion regarding different locations in Oakland Mills took place.




  • Mr. DiTomasso stated that the next Education Committee meeting was postponed to February 28th. He stated they are hoping to have Bess Altweger at their March 28th Education Committee meeting.  Ms. Thomas asked if it would be possible to have Ms. Altweger come to the regular OMCA Board meeting.  Mr. DiTomasso stated he will ask Mr. Edelson and the committee.




  • Mr. McCormack and Ms. Thomas met with Kelly Cimino, HC Housing Director regarding issues with 6141 Commitment Court. 6141 Commitment Court will have a covenant on the deed stating that it is to be a subsidized house for 15 years.  At the end of those 15 years, it will be sold at market rate.  The house can be sold to different owners during those first fifteen years, but must be sold at a subsidized rate and must be owner occupied
  • Ms. Cederbaum asked if the Director of Howard County Housing Commission had been asked to come to an OMCA Board meeting to discuss issues with Verona. Mr. McCormack responded that they will ask the new Director as currently there is an interim director.




  • Ms. Engelke stated that the group met last Thursday to go over the final of the proposed revised Architectural Guidelines.
  • Ms. Engelke stated that once the Architectural Guideline revision process is complete, the NEAC can work with Mr. Witte and Mr. Engelke on the upcoming defined tasks.


 Safety and Security


  • Ms. Gottsagen report was distributed (ATTACHMENT “J”).


  • Ms. Thomas stated that from this point forward, all emails that the Village Manager sends out on substantial issues to the Federal government, the State government, the County Government or the Columbia Association, the Board Co-Chairs should be cc’d.


Board Bulletin Board


  • Ms. Warren gave an update regarding the proposed Oakland Mills Community School Art Show. She stated it will be a mini art show with Stevens Forest ES to be held in March at The Other Barn.  She will be working with all of the Oakland Mills schools over the summer into next year to hopefully host an all-inclusive school art show to celebrate the 50th birthday of Oakland Mills.


The regular OMCA Board meeting was adjourned at 9:15pm


Respectfully submitted: Brigitta Warren, Event and Administrative Coordinator





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