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April 18, 2017 OMCA Board Meeting Minutes

April 18, 2017 OMCA Board Meeting Attachments









































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Minutes - April 18, 2017

OMCA Regular BoD Meeting


Ms. Thomas called the regular meeting of the OMCA Board of Directors to order at 7:10 pm.


Present: Ginny Thomas, Co-Chair; Bill McCormack, Co-Chair (arrived at 7:15pm); Jonathan Edelson, Vice Chair; Kay Wisniewski, AC Chair; Lynn Engelke; Sandy Cederbaum, Village Manager; Brigitta Warren, Event & Administrative Coordinator


Absent:  Judy Gottsagen; Paul Verchinski


Also Present: Marsha McLaughlin, See resident list.


Opening of Meeting 


  • Ms. Wisniewski motioned to accept the April 18, 2017 agenda (ATTACHMENT “A”). Mr. Edelson seconded and the motion passed (4-0-0).
  • Mr. Edelson motioned to accept the March 28, 2017 OMCA Board meeting minutes (ATTACHMENT “B”). Ms. Wisniewski seconded and the motion passed (4-0-0).


New Business

Discussion of Council Bill 29-2009


  • Marsha McLaughlin, former Director of the Howard County Department of Planning and Zoning, was present to discuss CB-29-2009, its implications and where to proceed from here (ATTACHMENT “C” and ATTACHMENT “D”).
  • McLaughlin gave background information regarding CB-29. Ms. McLaughlin gave a summary of important points in her draft of the “Zoning Changes to Promote Columbia Village Center Redevelopment.”  She discussed the “Major Village Center Redevelopment Process” and indicated the entire process could take a total of 5 years.
  • Mr. Edelson asked if a property in the Oakland Mills Village Center that was not owned by Cedar Properties wanted to tear down and change, would it trigger the whole process or is there something in between. Ms. McLaughlin responded in that situation there is a fair amount of flexibility.  However, an individual parcel may have restrictions of its own.  She added that when developers want to put up residential, the requirements change.  A discussion regarding what the individual situations would entail took place.


  • Ms. Engelke asked for clarification regarding what is necessary for the redevelopment of a village center. Ms. McLaughlin gave the example of the development in Wilde Lake.  New residential was involved and therefore required a more detailed and lengthy process.
  • Ms. Engelke asked that when the plan was put together, what was the need for the long plan. Ms. McLaughlin responded that when the development plan was put into place, only Oakland Mills had a Village Center Community Plan so the plan was necessary.
  • Ms. Engelke asked if the process was in place before downtown. Ms. McLaughlin responded that the plan  for Wilde Lake Village Center was put in place before the plan for development of Downtown.
  • McLaughlin stated that Howard County has hired a consultant to review all current County zoning regulations and how they could be streamlined. The report should be available in about a year.  She stated that four of the five County Council members are at the end of their term limits and stated it would be best that the reviewing of the zoning regulations took place before their terms are complete to ensure a thorough knowledge of what was involved.
  • Resident Jervis Dorton stated he hopes that the New Town Zoning is reviewed before the consultant finishes the study. He asked Ms. McLaughlin if she thinks the consultants will be making recommendations for the Oakland Ridge Business Park should be.  McLaughlin stated that she did not think the consultants get to that level of detail.
  • A brief discussion regarding the questions of who does design control and who does covenant control took place.
  • McLaughlin suggested writing a letter to Val Lazdins, Director, Howard County Department of Planning and Zoning, regarding the “unwinding” of the covenants.
  • A question was asked regarding what the next steps should be.


Board Co-Chair Remarks


  • Ms. Thomas stated she and Mr. McCormack had asked Ms. McLaughlin to give a presentation at an April 24, 2017 meeting with all of the Village Board Chairs. She stated that it is important to share this information with other village board Chairs and who could then pass on the information to their boards.
  • Mr. Edelson questioned if OMCA was paying for Ms. McLaughlin to give the presentation to the other village board chairs on April 24th. Ms. Thomas stated yes.
  • Ms. Edelson and Ms. Engelke asked why all of the OMCA Board members were not included in the meeting and questioned the timing of the meeting. They also questioned the issue of OMCA paying Ms. McLaughlin for the presentation. They recommended because of the lack of information that has been provided regarding the meeting and the importance of the issue, the April 24th presentation by Ms. McLaughlin to the Village Board Chairs be canceled and a further discussion be held in May.
  • Suggestions were made as to how to proceed.
  • Mr. McCormack summarized the discussion stating that the April 24th presentation from Ms. McLaughlin will be canceled and the issue would be discussed at a later date. Decisions would be made in May as to how to proceed when the newly elected village boards take office.
  • The OMCA Board all agreed on the cancellation of the presentation by Ms. McLaughlin at the April 24th meeting of the Village Board Chairs.


Manager’s Report


  • Ms. Cederbaum distributed her report (ATTACHMENT “E”).


Ms. Wisniewski called the Architecture Committee to order at 8:38pm


  • Ms. Wisniewski requested to send a 15 day notice to 5134 Thunder Hill Road and then if no response refer them to CA. The request was accepted (5-0-0).
  • Ms. Wisniewski requested to send a 15 day notice to 5452 Hound Hill Court and then if no response refer them to CA. The request was accepted (5-0-0).
  • Ms. Wisniewski requested to send a 15 day notice to 9565 Fallen Stone and then if no response refer them to CA. The request was accepted (5-0-0).


Ms. Wisniewski adjourned the Architecture meeting at 8:42pm.




  • Mr. Verchinski’s report was distributed (ATTTACHMENT “F“).




  • Mr. Edelson distributed his report from the March 28, 2017 OMCA Education committee meeting (ATTACHMENT “G”) and elaborated on some of the particular areas of interest.
  • Mr. Edelson indicated that several residents have applied to be on the HCPSS redistricting committee.
  • Mr. DiTomasso thanked Mr. Edelson for his work as Co-Chair, indicating he will be stepping down as Co-Chair. Mr. Edelson thanked Mr. DiTomasso for his knowledge and expertise.




  • Ms. Engelke gave an overview of the workshop that was held at The Other Barn on April 8, 2017. She thanked Ms. Cederbaum and Ms. Warren for their work on the event.
  • Ms. Engelke stated that there was strong support for a workshop just about trees.


Safety and Security


  • Ms. Gottsagen report was distributed (ATTACHMENT “H”).


Board Bulletin Board


  • Ms. Cederbaum reminded everyone about the Reception that will be held for the 2017 Volunteers of the Year on Tuesday, April 25, 2017 at 6pm.
  • Mr. Edelson thanked Ms. Cederbaum and Ms. Warren for the help that was given for the last two education committee meetings.


The regular OMCA Board meeting was adjourned at 9:03pm

Respectfully submitted: Brigitta Warren, Event and Administrative Coordinator











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