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January 24, 2017 OMCA Board Meeting Minutes

January 24, 2017 OMCA Board Meeting Attachments

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Minutes - January 24, 2017

 January 24, 2017


OMCA Regular BoD Meeting


Mr. McCormack called the regular meeting of the OMCA Board of Directors to order at 7:07 pm.


Present: Ginny Thomas, Co-Chair; Bill McCormack, Co-Chair; Jonathan Edelson, Vice Chair; Kay Wisniewski, AC Chair; Judy Gottsagen, Paul Verchinski, Reginald Avery, CA Rep (Arrived at 7:20pm); Sandy Cederbaum, Village Manager; Brigitta Warren, Event & Administrative Coordinator


Also Present: Bob Bellamy, Covenant Advisor, Elinda Dennis, RAC; Susan Lynn, RAC; See resident list.


Absent: Lynn Engelke


Opening of Meeting 


  • Mr. Edelson motioned to accept the January 24, 2017 agenda (ATTACHMENT “A”). Ms. Wisniewski seconded and the motion passed (6-0-0).
  • Ms. Thomas motioned to accept the January 10, 2017 OMCA Board meeting minutes (ATTACHMENT “B”). Mr. Edelson seconded and the motion passed (6-0-0).


New Business

Proposed Architectural Guidelines


  • Mr. McCormack turned the meeting over to Ms. Wisniewski, AC Chair.
  • Susan Lynn, RAC, indicated that she did have some changes that she would be forwarding to Ms. Wisniewski.
  • She stated that she wanted to know what happened when a submitted exterior application is approved. Is there any follow-up?  She suggested implementing a verification process.  Ms. Wisniewski responded that she would ask the OMCA Covenant Advisors to poll other village covenant advisors to see if they have such a process.
  • Ms. Wisniewski asked about a follow up process for a letter of compliance. Mr. Bellamy stated that when it is identified that a resident has not complied with the letter of compliance a follow up letter is sent if it is an egregious situation.
  • Ms. Wisniewski stated she would ask Mr. Dudek how many letters of compliance he sent out and how many of those are compliant. She also suggested hosting a workshop for realtors about letters of compliance.
  • Resident Claudia Hollywood asked if an approval for an alteration is given, is that for the lifetime of the property.
  • Elinda Dennis, RAC, suggested attaching something for the resident to return to the OMCA office upon completion of the approved exterior alteration.
  • Mr. Verchinski suggested attaching a postcard for the resident to return.
  • Mr. Edelson suggested clarifying what residents are responsible for on their cul-de-sac and what the County and CA are responsible for. He also asked if it should be a requirement that all pools be covered when not in use.  Ms. Dennis suggested checking the County regulations regarding the covering of pools.
  • Ms. Gottsagen suggested that residents should be responsible for the items that they may have planted on the cul-de-sacs. Ms. Cederbaum stated that that may be hard to enforce.
  • Resident Barbara Heazel suggested defining the term “similar style.” Heazel asked about Section 34.2.2;  if a resident wants to turn architectural shingles back to a regular shingle.  This is not addressed.  Ms. Dennis stated that the RAC considers both shingles interchangeable.
  • Resident Heazel asked if the old rules were being grandfathered in. She also suggested adding guidelines relating to protection from deer.  She stated there are two issues: deer eating plants and male deer rubbing their antlers on trees.
  • Ms. Wisniewski suggested a hyperlink to State/CA/County information. She stated that temporary remedies for deer prevention are not a problem, it is the permanent structures.
  • Resident Marcia White was present to ask about guidelines relating to political signs. She addressed a recent situation that took place in her neighborhood of Thunder Hill.  Ms. isniewski referred to an email that was sent by Sheri Fanaroff from CA legal Counsel regarding regulating political signs.  Political signs are regulated by the County.  Ed Marquardt is the Howard County Sign Code Inspector.  A discussion regarding political signage ensued.
  • Mr. Verchinski commended Ms. Wisniewski, Claudia Hollywood and the staff that worked on the revisions to the guidelines. He also stated that he hopes the discussion of signs won’t hold up furthering the guidelines.
  • Mr. Verchinski suggested that on page 11 regarding oil storage tanks; change to read, “Exterior storage tanks will not be allowed.”
  • Mr. Verchinski suggested that in Section 18.1.4, “doors constructed of metal or wood,” to add composite material.
  • Resident Michael Smith asked in Section 42.2 and 42.4 how is the no commercial vehicles on grass enforced. Mr. Bellamy responded that he files a complaint with the Howard County Department of Planning and Zoning and they enforce the County regulation.
  • Smith asked about commercial vehicles parked on the street. Ms. Wisniewski stated that the County enforces regulations regarding that.  Ms. Thomas asked what if the commercial vehicle is parked in a cul-de-sac.  Mr. Bellamy stated that if the commercial vehicle is blocking traffic, the County will ask that the vehicle be moved.
  • Smith asked about Section 33.1 and Section 33.2. He stated that it should be removed.  Ms. Wisniewski told the resident to call Mr. Bellamy if he sees a problem.  A resident asked how to follow up and suggested residents will wonder why Oakland Mills does not address this issue in their guidelines.  Mr. Verchinski suggested adding “Please call OMCA to discuss further.”
  • Resident Heidi Knott asked if there was going to be anything that shows specifically what the 2017 updates are.  Ms. Wisniewski stated she would send it to Ms. Knott.
  • Ms. Knott asked if in Section 15.5, the statement that the fencing had to match preexisting adjacent fencing was too restrictive. She suggested using the work “compatible” instead of “match.”
  • Ms. Knott asked regarding “Decorative Objects and Art,” what is this specific too? Ms. Wisniewski responded it refers back to statues and structures.  Ms. Knott suggested adding the word permanent.  Susan Lynn stated that something should be said regarding this issue due to some recent RAC decisions that were made.
  • Mr. McCormack thanked everyone who was involved in the revision process.


Board Co-Chair Remarks


  • Ms. Thomas stated that she had met with a developer and he stated that in Oakland Mills, perceived crime is the problem.
  • Ms. Thomas also mentioned that the OMCA Village Board had received a thank you from the OMHS PTSA for the donation.


Columbia Board of Directors Report


  • Mr. Avery distributed his report (ATTACHMENT “C”).
  • Mr. Avery stated that the Owen Brown CA Rep, Andy Stack, has suggested that CA give $75K grant to the Inner Arbor Trust for the Chrsalylls to help with programming and events. A discussion ensued regarding where this money would go and if the OMCA Village Board agreed with giving this money.  Mr. Avery stated that the CA Board will be voting on this issue on January 26, 2017.
  • Ms. Wisniewski stated that based on the discussion it is the sense of the OMCA Board that they do not favor giving $75K grant to the Inner Arbor Trust.


Manager’s Report


  • Ms. Cederbaum distributed her report (ATTACHMENT “D”).
  • Ms. Cederbaum distributed the proposed 2017 Election Calendars and the names of the 2017 Election Monitoring Committee (ATTACHMENTS “E”, “F”, and “G”).
  • Ms. Wisniewski motioned to approve both of the 2017 Election Calendars submitted and the Election Monitoring Committee. Mr. Edelson seconded and the motion passed (6-0-0). Ms. Cederbaum was asked to include the May 1 date for the start of the new board term.
  • Ms. Gottsagen nominated Claudia Hollywood to serve on the Election Monitoring Committee. Ms. Hollywood agreed to serve on the committee.


Committee Reports

 AC Report


  • Ms. Wisniewski distributed her report (ATTACHMENT “H”).


Arts Advisory


  • Mr. Verchinski gave information regarding the Livable Home Tax Credit that will be available for seniors.




  • Mr. Edelson stated that the Education Committee met this evening and discussed PARCC scores of the Oakland Mills schools that are currently using the ESM.
  • The committee discussed HC school start times that have been proposed. The committee agreed with the PTA of Howard County that school start times should remain what they currently are.




  • Mr. McCormack has been asked to help Columbia Association with the guidelines for the modernization of Downtown.  He has been asked to solicit individuals from Oakland Mills that would be interested in helping with this process and will be getting more information about this.
  • Mr. McCormack and Ms. Thomas will be meeting with Kelly Cimino, HC Housing Director regarding issues with 6141 Commitment Court.




  • See report (ATTACHMENT “I”).


Safety and Security


  • Ms. Gottsagen distributed her report (ATTACHMENT “J”). A correction that the information regarding the 9600 block of Rocksparkle, was actually Indian Camp Road.
  • Ms. Gottsagen stated that the Safety and Security Committee will only be meeting as needed.


Board Bulletin Board


  • Mr. Avery stated that this year’s state PTACH Convention will be held at the Sheraton in Columbia.
  • Mr. Edelson announced Family Bingo night next Friday, February 3rd at The Other Barn.
  • Mr. Verchinski asked if Ms. Cederbaum had the information about the CA Buy a Brick program. Ms. Cederbaum responded yes, she does and has included it in recent eNewsletters.


The regular OMCA Board meeting was adjourned at 9:01pm

Respectfully submitted: Brigitta Warren, Event and Administrative Coordinator


Action Items from January 24, 2017 OMCA Board Meeting

Board and Staff Action Items:

  • Review comments and suggestions regarding the Revised Architectural Guidelines. Meet and revise for resubmission.