Rental FAQs

Please contact Brigitta Warren with your specific questions and party plans at 410-730-4610 or email.

1. Can a date be held?
Once you have seen the facility, we can hold a date for one week without any exchange of money.
2. Will there be other parties taking place at the same time that mine is?
No. We only allow one event at a time.
3. What rooms will I have use of when I rent The Other Barn?

The lobby, the restrooms, the kitchen and The Loft.   It is possible to rent the Smithy/Tack, for an added fee, in addition to the Loft if you are interested in having a cocktail hour.  No more than 200 guests may occupy The Other Barn at one time.

4. Will I have use of the Courtyard when I rent The Other Barn?

The Courtyard is a wonderful location for photographs and for guests to enjoy a bit of the outdoors. White, fan-backed chairs would be provided for your wedding guests if you choose to hold a ceremony outside for an additional fee.

5. Where are the restrooms located?

The restrooms are located on the main floor of The Other Barn.

6. Do I receive extra time for setting up?

All setting up, decorating, and delivering of supplies must be done within the contracted time.

7. Can I drop off my decorations earlier in the day or even the day before?

We do not have places to store items and there may be other events taking place before yours, so we can not have things brought in before your event.

8. Can I serve alcohol to my guests and do I need a liquor license?

You may serve alcohol to your guests as long as you are not charging a fee for the drinks or for your event. There is no license required to do this.

9. Can I have live music at my event?


10. What restrictions are there at The Other Barn?

We do not allow helium balloons in the Loft. Air filled balloons only, may be used. No red wine, red or grape juice or punch is allowed downstairs. Rice or birdseed is not allowed to be thrown in the building. Confetti is not allowed to be thrown or sprinkled on the tables.  Fresh rose petals may be used in the Courtyard.  No flower petals of any sort may be used inside the building.  We do not allow candles in The Other Barn.

11. Can I use candles at my event?

No, use of candles is not permitted.

12. What type of decorations can I use for my event?

Decorations that sit on the tables or freestanding ones may be used. Nothing may be applied to the walls or woodwork or hung from anything.

13. Is there a fee for parking and is there adequate parking at The Other Barn?

There is no fee for parking and there is plenty of parking surrounding The Other Barn.

14. Is there a Bridal Room?

Yes, there is a room that is perfect for the Bride to prepare in.

15. How many people can be accommodated at The Other Barn?

The Loft can hold up to 200 people and the Smithy/Tack Room can hold up to 65 people.  No more than 200 people are permitted in The Other Barn at one time.

16. Can I rent more than one room for my event?

If you wanted to include the Smithy/Tack Room along with the rental of The Loft, that certainly can be done for an additional fee.

17. What time must my event end by?

All events must end by 12:30am on Friday and Saturday nights. This is then followed by 1 hour for clean up. On Sunday the event must end by 10:00 pm.

18. Are tables and chairs provided and who sets them up and takes them down?

We provide the tables and chairs for your event. We set them up in the format that works for you and we then take them down at the end of your event.

19. Are linens, dishes and glassware provided?

No, you or your caterer are responsible for providing all of these things.

20. If I were to rent equipment, when can it be delivered to The Other Barn?

Generally, equipment that is coming in from a rental company must be delivered during your set up time and picked up during your clean up time.

21. Is there someone from your staff on duty during my event?

We always have a staff person on duty during the entire time that you and/or your caterer are in the building.

22. Can I bring in my own caterer?

You may certainly bring in a licensed caterer of your choice. We do require that the caterer provide us with a Certificate of Liability Insurance.

23. Can I bring in my own food?

No, we do not allowing self-catering.

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