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Next RAC meeting: March 16
List of applications HERE.
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Next RAC deadline: March 21  for the April 6 meeting.

Complete list of RAC deadlines & meeting dates HERE.

Changes to Your Property

Please contact the following staff members for information regarding the Covenant Process during Covid-19.  Please note that our staff are working reduced hours and there may be a delay in replying to email inquiries.

Important information regarding Exterior Alteration Applications, PLEASE READ.

Requests for Letters of Compliance: Carrie Wenholz, loc@oaklandmills.org

Exterior Alteration Applications: Mike Vaughn, applications@oaklandmills.org

Property Concerns: Karina Caico, propertyconcerns@oaklandmills.org

The village of Oakland Mills, located in Columbia MD, is a community in which the land is protected by covenants. These covenants are essentially promises by which all who own or reside here shall abide by. The ongoing maintenance of the open space, facilities, properties, and homes in the village of Oakland Mills depends upon its owners and residents upholding these covenants. The covenants’ presence as part of each deed can compel owners and residents to abide by them or incur possible penalty. The information contained on this page is designed to help all residents understand how to buy, sell, and maintain their property in Oakland Mills, Columbia, MD. Click here to download the Architectural Guidelines.


Step 1: Application

  • Submit with signatures, drawings, and appropriate information to the Covenant Advisor – Applications by the applicable deadline (see dates below).
  • Download Exterior Alteration Application:
    Print Version
    Fillable Version
  • Click here to Download the In Home Business Application.

Step 2: Review

  • Application is given to RAC & published in the Columbia Flier, the Oakland Mills website, and at the village office
  • RAC members visit property to view site and plans
  • RAC discusses application at its next meeting.

Step 3: Decision

  • RAC recommends approval, approval with amendments, or denial
  • RAC sends to the Architectural Chair
  • The Architectural Chair reviews and issues final decision
  • The Final decision is sent by mail to applicant.

Oakland Mills Architectural Committee approval may not be the only approval required. It may also be necessary to obtain approval from your townhome or condominium’s Homeowners’ Association(HOA) and/or Howard County(HC). Howard County permit information can be obtained by calling 410-313-2455. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to obtain all necessary approvals. If there are inconsistencies between HOA and OMCA Covenants or HC regulations, the most restrictive criteria or covenant takes precedence. Exterior alterations begun without prior approval of the Oakland Mills Architectural Committee are done in violation of OMCA Covenants and are at the applicant’s own risk. Guidelines to the Oakland Mills Covenants are available at the Village Office located in the Other Barn, 5851 Robert Oliver Place OR Click here to view the “OMCA Architectural Guidelines”. Questions about the application or review process should be referred to the Covenant Advisor for Applications at 410-730-4610 or email Michael Vaughn: applications@oaklandmills.org. Resident Architectural Committee (RAC) meetings are held the first and third Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at The Other Barn, 5851 Robert Oliver Place on the review dates listed below. Residents are encouraged to attend the meeting at which their application is reviewed.


Deadline Dates Meeting Dates
December 20 (2022) January 5
January 3 January 19
January 17 February 2
January 31 February 16
February 14 March 2
February 28 March 16
March 21 April 6
April 4 April 20
April 18 May 4
May 2 May 18
May 16 June 1
May 30 June 15
June 20 July 6
July 5 July 20
July 18 August 3
August 1 August 17
August 22 September 7
September 5 September 21
September 19 October 5
October 3 October 19
October 17 November 2
October 31 November 16
November 21 December 7
December 5 December 21
December 19 January 4 (2024)

Need Further Assistance?

Read over our list of things to know and do when submitting an application to the the Architecture Committee.

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